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All items listed here can be reproduced and duplicated. If it's out of stock and you want one, please contact us and we can get you one.

We now offer CashApp as payment for items! Of course as always we also accept Paypal. If sending money via CashApp use the $cashtag $hauntedcuriosities2. Send the money and then immediately email the link for the item so we know the item has been purchased. All items must be purchased prior to them being removed from our inventory. No holds.

As per usual, payments to PayPal can be made to

The pieces that we are listing today may show signs of wear and tear. They could possibly have worn metal or missings tones. This is due to being tested repeatedly. We are big on quality assurance.

This item contains an Egyptian scarab. It is an immortal being that has the ability to create wormholes to different sources of ancient Egyptian magic. This scarab has been alive and crawling around different realms that have been created by the Egyptians for centuries. Within these realms are ancient forms of magic that the scarab has collected along the way.

In ancient times the Dogon Tribe was visited by entities from space. They have secret archives that have recorded these visits, which is how they knew intricacies of the universe that weren't visible with the naked eye, thousands of years before modern technology has allowed us to see them once again. This piece embodies a magic that was given to them. We call the piece Alien Recharge.

This piece allows you to recharge your body with the powers and abilities that you want. It will redirect energies from the universe to your body, allowing you to manifest the powers and abilities you want into your body. There are minimum limitations with this piece. It will not produce immortality, for example. It also takes different amounts of time to manifest different abilities.

Alien Recharge

SKU: 2102375
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