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15+ Years Ago- Blood Rituals

These next few listings I sold more than 15 years ago. I just located them in one of my storage units. I set them aside because I have so much to get on. It’s not just that but I have been looking for a post I did on a blog about Montauk 2 in NJ. They say the internet never lets go of anything but I think that one they did. I can’t find it for the life of me. While looking I came across my reviews on CH which you can find for at least two of these items. I believe there are 67 pages of reviews for I will post about those soon on my blog at

These are for things that need a blood sacrifice. If that is what a spell, ritual or even an item calls for, this takes care of it. These were pulled from the site only because these have chips or half of the tooth is gone. Most people like things to look brand new. These will be at a discounted rate because of how they look. They can still be strung if you wish to do that. The power IS the same. In fact if all you had was a nub, it’s still the same. These are just as powerful as using human blood. With these you have no need for any blood at all. Yes, you can use them over and over again. There is never a need to charge these either. You get one.

15+ Years Ago- Blood Rituals

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